In English we have been looking at poetry based on  a theme. We read the poem ‘My Brothers Teddy’. We all brought in our favourite teddies and described them to each other. We thought of words to rhyme with our description words and then we wrote our own poems about our bears. image



This week in Science we were comparing height and age. We lined up from tallest to smallest and realized that the tallest person wasn’t the oldest and the smallest person wasn’t the youngest. We then measured each other in our groups using a tape measure. We recorded the name, height and age. During our lesson we learnt that being older doesn’t always mean that you will be taller, we also learnt the skills to measure height in centimeters using a tape measure.

Lets Get Brushing!


This week we began our scheme ran by Wigan Council called ‘Let’s get brushing’. We have had a great week getting into the routine of collecting our tooth paste, keeping our brushes clean and brushing our teeth effectively for 2 minutes. The children have been doing a great job and I am very impressed with how sensible and fantastic they have all been.

Miss Davies

Our trip to Manchester Airport

In the Spring Term our class topic was ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. Linking in with this topic we went on a trip to Manchester Airport. We had a fantastic day and got so much out of our educational visit. Firstly we were lucky enough to have a tour of Terminal 2. We visited Arrivals and Departures, we checked in at the checking desk using a passport and learnt about the bar codes placed on our suitcases that have all our information on and where we are travelling to. We enjoyed watching planes take off to various countries as we ate lunch. We even got to see the largest Double Decker plane land, this has a restaurant, shop and showers on for people flying first class. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the cockpit and sit in the pilots’ seat, this was so much fun! We also got to dress up and learnt about the many important jobs within the airport. It was such a fun day enjoyed by all.

Welcome to the Year 1 blog!

information station 015

Welcome to our blog where we plan to keep you up-to-date with all the action from year 1, live as it happens!

We will post comments on some of our activities and the children will be trying their hand at posting to the blog too.

Watch this space, further details soon!

Miss Davies