Writing homework

For homework this week, please post your own descriptive sentences about the picture below.  They can include adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs, similes and alliteration.  Everyone who posts will receive a golden ticket!


Measuring force

Y3 used forcemeters to find out how much force was needed to pick up different items.  They learnt how to read a scale and measure in Newtons.  They used that knowledge to carry out an experiment to find out if different surfaces would change how much force was needed to drag an object across the floor.


Y3 and the Chocolate Factory

On World Book Day, Y3 enjoyed the story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  They created their own unique chocolate bar and wrote a persuasive piece of writing to convince people to buy it.  Even better, they took their chocolate bar home to eat at the end of the day!


Skillwise Sports meets Roald Dahl!

Y3 enjoyed sports with a Roald Dahl theme and soundtrack!  They used their imaginations to explore lots of different books.  They hunted for golden tickets, travelled like an Oompa Loompa, coated a giant peach in chocolate and spun a giant web. They threw seagulls at each other, dug a tunnel like Mr Fox, they stole food for their den and hid from the farmers. They rescued Sophie from the orphanage, Whizz-popped around and made a never ending lollipop.  Do you recognise any of the books?