Last week in Science, we had the job of helping Planet Express design a new landing module for their ‘space eggs’, as their usual method of delivery was out of order.

We were designated groups and had to show lots of teamwork skills to create a new prototype for a landing module, which would keep the eggs safe. Each group only had access to the following:

1 bin liner

3 sheets of newspaper

1 A3 sheet of paper

1 metre of sellotape


we then judged each other’s designs on build quality, design and practicality, with each design having its own unique style!

We then dropped each landing module from 3 metres and discovered our messy results! Then judging its landing module on its overall effectiveness. Out of 6 eggs, 4 survived!


we then discussed why parachute style designs would be good on a planet like Earth, which has a thick atmosphere and why a different approach would be needed on a planet like mercury, which las very little atmosphere.