Star reporters Charlotte, Meadow, Josie and Sophie

Meadow “My favourite part was the running race.”

Charlotte “My favourite thing was the penalty shot out, I got the red one in.”

Sophie “My favourite part was when we had penalty shoot out.”

Josie “I liked doing wigan warriors because it was challenging and the white team lost but I still think it was good because the scores were really high, over a thousand.”


Star reporters: Charlie. G, April, Liam and Willow. T

Willow. T “My favourite part of this week was doing heavier and lighter in maths.”

Liam “My favourite thing was brushing my teeth and reading the end of the BFF. My favourite part of the story is when the BFG got Sophie out of her house.”

April “I enjoyed looking at the capacity of water in Maths and I enjoyed P.E”

Charlie. G. “I enjoyed P.E, we had to throw bean bags into the hoops to get points. I threw it into the red hoop which was worth 10 points.”


In science we have been looking at plants. We have spoken about why humans grow plants and looked at plants that grow different types of food.

We have planted our own sunflowers and some have started to grow. We are very excited.

We talked through the process of planting our seeds. Can you remember what we did for each step?



Star Reports – Lucy, Benjamin, Amelie and Esme

“I enjoyed doing geography. We looked at the countries that people had visted.” Lucy

“I have enjoyed maths week. My favourite part was seeing how many cups it would take to fill the swimming pool.” Benjamin

“This week I have enjoyed toothbrushing and maths.” Amelie

“I have enjoyed brushing my teeth.” Esme


Our new science topic is ‘plants’. To start our topic we went outside to look for plants. We discussed where the pants were growing and why.


Can you remember what we found?


Today in English we read the poem Peasy


We completed 5 challenges and had to decide which ones were easy peasy.

We had to:

- write our name backwards

- balance on 1 leg for 20 seconds

- sing Humpty Dumpty to our friend

- stare at our friend without blinking for 15 seconds

- rub our tummy and pat our head



Which challenge did you find ‘peasy’?