Perfect Parachutes


This week in science we have been investing parachute design. We looked into how the generation of air resistance helps slow a sky diver safely and effectively.

e then used our investigation skills to design a new 3 prototypes of parachute and tested them to discover which was most effective.

One thought on “Perfect Parachutes”

  1. When I was little we used to go to a firework display every year at my grandparents golf club. When they set of the rockets some would release fabulous flashes of colour, loud whizzes and bangs, but one also released a toy parachute with a figure. This would go racing up high and we all watched eagerly to see where it went. At the end of the firework display all the children raced off to find it. The winner handed it to the captain and they gave the child £5!! It was great fun. My brother found it a few times!

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