Year 4 got ‘hands on’ today in science, recreating the digestive system so that they could follow the journey of the food we eat, step-by-step, through the body.

We heard some fantastic scientific explanations from the children. Super stars!


Andy Goldsworthy Art

This term Year 4 have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy.

We spent time sketching, arranging and printing designs using natural materials. Then, last week, all the children produced some amazing arrangements on a large scale during our lesson in the Woodland Area.

The results were fantastic! The children spent time crafting, and redrafting their arrangements until they were happy with them.  I think Andy Goldsworthy himself would be impressed with these! Superb work Year 4!


Editing Stations

Year 4 have been working extremely hard this week to produce a piece of writing for Remembrance Day.

We used editing stations and children moved around the class, focusing on a different aspect of their writing at each station.

The results were fantastic! They produced some really mature, powerful writing. Well done year 4!