Perfect Parachutes


This week in science we have been investing parachute design. We looked into how the generation of air resistance helps slow a sky diver safely and effectively.

e then used our investigation skills to design a new 3 prototypes of parachute and tested them to discover which was most effective.


Book reviews

We’re all so sad to have finished our class book ‘The Explorer’, but what a fantastic story it was! We have loved it from page 1 all the way through to the epilogue on page 400. It has taught us so much about South America and the Amazon rainforest in particular. If you haven’t read it yet, the everyone in year 5 agrees that it is an absolute must-read! Here is Holly’s Amazon book review as prof of just how much we love it


(PS- check out her amazing presentation!)

Mr Lyons




Wow, well what a start to Year 5 we have had! In the 5 weeks we have been back at school we have already covered so much! We have learned so many facts about South America so far, an abundance of maths topics and much more.


The highlight of of our time so far has to be the book we have been reading, The Explorer. Because of this we have spent time learning survival skills in the woodland area, den making, finding water sources and more!


we’ve also had plenty of visitors to our VIP table & our recently opened Starbooks, as well as lots of children enjoying the luxury of the star of the week cushion! I’m sure the children have enjoyed their start back just as much as I have and I’m really excited for the fun and learning we’re going to partake in this year!


Mr Lyons


Forest School

What an amazing morning Year Four had last week enjoying Forest School in our beautiful Woodland Area. All the children took part in den building, knotting bracelets and cooking s’mores. They learnt how to light fires, make a waterproof shelter and of course swing from a tree! Such a lovely way to spend a sunny Tuesday morning!


Park and ice cream!

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Year 4 had such a lovely time visiting Mesnes Park last week. They played on the exercise equipment and the playground, set up games of football and cricket and sat chatting in the shade. All the children then picked an ice cream, which was paid for by their fundraiser money. So, a very well deserved treat for all their hard work!


Y4’s Trip to Chester

Year 4 have had a fantastic time visiting the Grosvenor Museum in Chester this week!

They had the opportunity to look at artefacts, took part in a fascinating workshop and then marched through the streets in full Roman attire. The day ended with some training on battle formations and a quick overpowering of the Celts (our lovely parent helpers!)

The children were absolute superstars. It was so lovely to hear members of staff from the museum, and our own parent helpers, comment on the children’s superb behaviour and their fantastic engagement. Y4 were even complemented on their subject knowledge and the quality of their questions! Well done Y4!


British Values

Children in Year 4 had a lovely day last week celebrating what it means to be British and reflecting on all of the ‘British Values’.

Year 4 and Year 5 partnered up for the morning to produce some artwork. They found words in newspapers that they felt represented the British Values and made a collage over a map of the UK.

They enjoyed having the opportunity to work with someone new and the results were fantastic! Well done to both classes!!


Arithmetic Orienteering


The children had a fabulous day during our Mathlympics event on Friday. They showed great team spirit and supported each other really well during the Bettle Drive. They then used their map skills to find and answer arithmetic questions which were hidden around the school grounds.

Great maths work and fantastic sportsmanship from all teams… well done Year Four!


Insulators and Conductors



This week in science, Year 4 have been using the electricity in their bodies to test the properties of objects around school.

We made a huge circuit around the classroom and then added materials to check whether the electricity would still travel to our Energy Stick.

The children really enjoyed testing natural materials in our Woodland Area too!

The children were fantastic at generating questions and using our Energy Stick to investigate the answers!


Roman Roads



A mixture of Geography and History today for Year 4. We learnt about all the reasons the Romans had for building roads, then used atlases to plot these roads onto a blank map.

Fantastic job Year 4…this was a challenging task which needed lots of attention to detail and super map reading skills!